Companion Care

Sometimes it’s not that you need a full-time or even a part-time carer. It’s just that as you grow older you may find that frailty or health conditions mean that you need a pair of extra hands to help with every-day tasks.

Care in Crete can provide that extra help. This may range from simply giving a hand with the household jobs and help with meal preparation, to accompanying you to your doctor’s appointment. Or just keeping your loved one company while you pop out for lunch.

Care in Crete companion care
Care in Crete companion care


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Care in Crete Companions are there for you.

If you live alone, you may find that you are unable to follow your daily routine after a hospital stay or during recuperation after an illness. You may want someone in the house to help with personal care and daily chores you are temporarily unable to do… or just to be there in case you have a problem.

A Care in Crete Companion can help you maintain your quality of life and independence, with minimal interference with your daily routines. All Care in Crete staff are English-speaking.

Care in Crete companion care

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