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Maybe you know Care in Crete exists, perhaps you have seen us on Facebook (link) or passed our office after a doctor’s visit in Kalives.  And you thought to yourself, that may come in handy one day… and then one day something unexpected happens and suddenly you DO need help, urgently.   

But where is the number, how exactly can Care in Crete help you, and how much will it cost you?    

This is why we have developed our subscription service, so that we will already have your details on file. This includes basic information such as your name but also the exact location of your home (Google Maps Pin) so that should you need one of our team to come to you in an emergency we will already have the directions on file… allowing our response to be swift.  

You will get priority over non-subscribers in placing a carer/helper and a reduced administration fee.    

Our Packages

Subscription Cost

Registration on the Care in Crete database. 

This means that should you need Care in Crete for anything we already have your basic details to work from, so we can assist you in a more efficient and timely manner. 

Care in Crete Discount

Discount on our admin fee 10% PLUS priority appointments with us.

Care in Crete Emergency Line*

Providing help over the phone where required – organising an ambulance (private or not), contacting necessary agencies, informing friends and family of your situation. 

*First phone call included – additional calls incur extra fee


€36 +VAT 24% per annum (€3 per month)

Payment Transfer

Monthly by standing order, 6-monthly by credit card, yearly upfront by bank.

Our Services

Home Care

Hospital Care

Holiday Care

Respite Care