Hospital Care

At Care in Crete, we understand that no matter how long you have lived in Crete and no matter how well you may speak the language, communication at hospital can be very tricky.

In order to help your hospital stay go as smoothly as possible we can arrange for a variety of services to improve your experience.


Transport to and from the hospital


Interpreter providing communication assistance


Arrangement of in-hospital services


Post-discharge Care

The public state hospital of Chania opened in the year 2000 with a lot of the latest modern equipment. However, due to the Greek crisis the hospital has not been well funded and although the doctors are highly experienced and dedicated, the nursing care in Crete does not resemble what you may be used to in your own country.

Nursing in Crete consists of administering medication to the patient and checking on their vital signs etc. It does not include washing and cleaning of the patient, nor often the emptying of catheter bags etc. or help to use a bedpan.

In Greece the system relies on family members to help, often in shifts… you can also opt for extra care, known in Greek as Apokleistikes. These are private assistant nurses who can subsidised via your health insurance.


We can arrange for a driver to transfer you and/or your loved one to and from the hospital for doctor’s or patient’s visits as well as to transport both the patient and any visitors back home at the end of the hospital stay.

We can also arrange for a driver to assist with any other transportation needs you may have during your loved one’s time in hospital. This may be anything from transport to and from the hospital for visits to a trip to the supermarket to get your shopping done.


A driver with their own car


A driver to drive your car (Subject to what insurance you have)


Discounted taxi service


Before your hospital admission or if you have been admitted unexpectedly, we will send an interpreter to meet you at the hospital to: 


Provide accurate translations of the doctor’s assessment and ask relevant questions for you (most doctors do speak great English however they are often unwilling to answer questions and give minimal information – our interpreters will ask your questions in Greek and then translate the answers so that you get the full picture of your situation).


Help you to engage extra care should you be entitled to receive it or if you wish to pay.


Should you want a follow up visit by our interpreter this can also be arranged.

In-Hospital Services

Private Assistance Nurse

We cannot provide private nurses at the hospital however we can arrange for the hospital’s own private assistant nurses should you need them.  We can also arrange for English speaking carers to visit you in hospital and offer any help you may need.

Hospital Visits

Sometimes you need to get jobs done and can’t fit in the daily visit to your partner… we will send a visitor just to check on your partner, sit with them and contact nurses/doctors should they need anything.


Care in Crete can also arrange to supply meals during your hospital stay, should the hospital not cater to your specific dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian or vegan). The menu offered will be in accordance with your hospital doctor’s instructions. 

Post-Discharge Care

After your hospital stay is over, Care in Crete offers help with arranging your follow-up appointments with the hospital as well as accompaniment to these check-ups.

We can also arrange Home Care should you need it, from someone to help with household chores to someone to administer injections, change bandages and more.

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