About us

Retirement in Crete has been just what you dreamed of…
but things can get a little tricky if you or your partner’s health is not in such a good state. And when the idea of moving back to the UK is not the ideal or perhaps not an option, what should you do? This is where Care in Crete steps in – here to give you the security you deserve and providing you with care, assistance and support; from our family to yours.

We are a family-run company, combining the best of two cultures – the warmth and hospitality of the Greeks and the organising precision of the British… to provide care and support in any kind of situation where you need help – be it in hospital, post-hospital care, in your own home and *in the future* sheltered housing.

Who we are

Elizabeth, who has lived in Crete since 1985, ran a successful taverna from 1986 to 2003 and has been running a very successful wedding planning business since 2005.  Having brought up a family here in Crete and experiencing first-hand the healthcare system here on a number of occasions, she decided to use her knowledge and experience to help those living here who do not have a direct support system (as local Cretans usually do).  She is now turning her organisational skills to running Care in Crete, with a view to setting up  sheltered housing and care homes for the elderly of all nationalities to enjoy the beauties of Crete with the security of professional on-site care and assistance.

Elizabeth Cradick
Nina Kelaidis

Nina, Elizabeth’s Greek-British daughter, after getting her degree in France, returned to Crete to plan weddings from 2013 onward.  Nina is an enthusiastic member of our team with great organisational skills and a personal commitment to establishing Care in Crete as a leader in elderly health care in Greece.

Our team
Our dedicated team consist of:
  • Qualified carers and nurses from the UK and other countries – all English speaking;
  • Helpers who will drive you or your relative when you cannot…
  • Translators who can come to the hospital and help you settle in for your hospital stay, fully inform you about your hospital care options, and understand how the system works.
  • Companions to help you at home when simple aid for everyday activities is required